"Good Hope"
Health Unit Uganda


About us

Good Hope Foundation has the following Board Members, who work on a voluntary basic:

Mieke Steen - Founder and Chairperson

Mrs. Mieke Steen lives in Ommen, The Netherlands and is married to Rien Steen. She is a nurse by profession. Together they have two daughters; Ellen and Liza, Ellen lives in Uganda. Through visits to her daughter, Mieke got in touch with the local communities, where she was so much touched by the poverty and the long distances that people traveled to the nearest health unit: mostly on foot, or if one is lucky on a motor cycle. That is why she decided to dedicate her time and effort towards fundraising for the health unit Good Hope.

Mother Theresa once said:
“One cannot do great things, but only small things with great love”

Harmen Klinkenberg - Founding Member and Secretary

Harmen Klinkenberg is married and has two sons. Harmen is involved as Secretary of Foundation Good Hope, because he is sympathetic about the health situation in Uganda. Similarly, he supports the foundation because it works on a small-scale basis with close collaboration between the two foundations in The Netherlands and Uganda. Mieke’s son-in-law is a Board Member of the foundation in Uganda and also Mieke’s daughter is involved in the project, which makes communication quick and effective. Harmen has experience in fundraising (in sports – ice skating and football), which he uses to make people enthusiastic for the project.

Willem Legebeke - Founding Member and Treasurer

Willem Legebeke lives in Ommen and works as Court Bailiff with Smit and Legebeke Court Bailiffs. Willem’s involvement in Foundation Good Hope is based on his belief in the mission of the foundation. Besides that it is important to him that the board members work voluntarily, so that all the funds are spent directly on the projects of the foundation. He is happy to be part of and contribute to the foundation’s board, especially when he sees what has been realized so far – with thanks to the chairperson and the people in Uganda. He hopes that the foundation will continue to make a contribution to improving the living and health conditions of the people in Uganda.

Board Member for the Foundation: Berna Poelarends

Berna born and raised in Ommen, is hairdresser at Berna’s Hairfasion tells: Good Hope appeals to me, because it is small-scale and reliable development support, all funds reach the beneficiaries directly. After holding different (Board) positions in various associations, it is a nice challenge for me to be part of this Foundation – so that we can jointly make a healthy future for Good Hope.