"Good Hope"
Health Unit Uganda



Financial report Good Hope 2019

Financial report of Good Hope Foundation 2019

Good Hope benefit evening

Wednesday 04/09/2019

Annual music evening "Goud van Oud"

On Saturday evening June 29, 2019, the annual music evening "Gold from Old" will be organized for Good Hope in Café De Herberg in Ommen.

Financial report Good Hope 2018

Financial report of Good Hope Foundation 2018

The Sisters of Mercy

In January 2018, three sisters of the ‘Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross’ started living and working at Good Hope Health Unit in Mahyoro.


For the second year in a row, Hans van Lingen of Café De Herberg organized a charity event with the theme "(G)oldies Night", to raise funds for Founda...

New Years Reception Football Club Ommen OVC

During the New Years Reception of Football Club Ommen OVC '21 on Sunday 8 January 2017

Winter Walk

On 29 December 2016, Foundation Good Hope organised a Winter Walk to raise funds again for the health unit.

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